Why donate a body to science?

Leaves a Legacy

Of education and research for future generations.

We cover all expenses

Including cremation, transportation and certifications.

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Cremated remains are returned 8-12 weeks from donation.



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Using Human Tissue For Cadaver Training

Our mission is to offer surgeons across multiple specialties, live, hands-on surgical training and relevant clinical topics to promote a continuum of education that reinforces life-long learning. Working with Innovations in Medical Education and Training (IMET), we institute a level of quality and efficiency that is unparalleled. Donating body to science after death is a way to further medical research and education.

Surgical Education Center

Certified by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), IMET provides educational opportunities for physicians using a combination of internationally recognized faculty, innovative instructional design, cutting edge technologies, well defined objectives and a high degree of interaction between faculty and participants. Their goal is to create a lasting impact on physicians’ practice habits, and it is this high standard of excellence that significantly sets our whole body donation and surgical education programs apart from others in the field, and it all starts with donating a body to medical science.

Continuing Education Cadaver Lab

The surgeons that visit a continuing education cadaver lab are doing so to learn new techniques prior to performing them on a living patient. This means there is a continuous need for human tissue for cadaver training. Learning and developing new techniques is what keeps surgeons on the cutting edge of technology and medical advancement, so they can continue to save lives. By donating your body to medical science, you are helping these surgeons by allowing them to use human tissue for cadaver training. For continuing education, there is no better way for a surgeon to work and learn than in a cadaver lab.

Other Research Done In A Cadaver Lab

Aside from continuing education in a cadaver lab, there is always other research data that can be gathered from the charitable people who are willing to donate body to science. Some of the cures that we have for diseases today came from research that was done in a cadaver lab a long time ago, and without people who donate body to science after death, these cures wouldn’t exist. Continuing this research is important, helping doctors and scientists understand disease and what it does to the body more completely. This research also helps these doctors and scientists try to find cures for the diseases that still affect our society, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Undoubtedly, the research done in a cadaver lab is just as important as the continuing education, and is a good reason for donating body to science after death. BioGift is a service organization that cares about you and the future of your loved ones.