Why donate a body to science?

Leaves a Legacy

Of education and research for future generations.

We cover all expenses

Including cremation, transportation and certifications.

Quick Return

Cremated remains are returned 8-12 weeks from donation.



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About BioGift Anatomical

BioGift Anatomical is a whole body anatomical donation company located in Portland, Oregon. We were founded on January 1, 2003 in Tigard, Oregon and moved to Portland December 2006. We accept whole body donations to facilitate medical research or education only. We do not accept anatomical donations for transplant.

We believe in advancing medical research to advance medical devices or products. When individuals donate their body to science we provide donated tissue to programs that research and develop these new medical devices or products.

With advances in technology, surgical techniques have changed. We believe that using donated donor tissue gives surgeons the most life-like experience before performing surgery on a living patient.

These devices, products and techniques help people achieve a better quality of life.

We have family members tell us that their loved one:

  • Wanted to help someone else.
  • Didn’t want the family to pay funeral expenses.

We give those individuals an opportunity to fulfill their wish by being a donor for medical research or education, even if they were not able to donate for transplant.

Privacy Notice

All information acquired from you whether on this website, email or per telephone conversation remains confidential and will never be shared with anyone.