Why donate a body to science?

Leaves a Legacy

Of education and research for future generations.

We cover all expenses

Including cremation, transportation and certifications.

Quick Return

Cremated remains are returned 8-12 weeks from donation.



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Thank You For Considering Body Donations

We understand that choosing to make anatomical donations is a very personal decision, and we want to help you feel comfortable with your choice.

Donating Your Body To Science

This website was created to convey to you what BioGift does and how we do it. While it is not possible to cover every possible scenario or situation concerning donating your body to science, any and all questions that require your immediate attention will be answered promptly and courteously, day or night, by calling our 24 hour donor line number listed here on our contact page. You may also send us an email, with non-urgent questions, and we will answer any questions you may have regarding body donation after death.

Visiting our Get Started page will allow you to request a packet by mail or download as a PDF format. You will enter in your information and submit it. Then it will give you the option to receive your packet by mail or download to your computer.

Learning More About Body Donation

When you read through the BioGift website, it will explain about body donation and what might be done with your anatomical gifts. Here you can learn about some of the diseases that are studied using anatomical donations, and continuing education cadaver labs. You will learn why body donations after death are an accepted practice, and why you should consider anatomical gifts as your last charitable act.

You can go to The Process page that describes the process of body donation after death. This gives you information so you can discuss your decision with any family members or next-of-kin. Your last wish shouldn’t come as a shock to them. This page is helpful for describing what your next-of-kin will need to do when the time of your death comes.

Taking care of families is a service we take very seriously. Read more, and learn more about body donation to science and funeral alternatives.

Privacy Notice

All information acquired from you whether on this website, email or per telephone conversation remains confidential and will never be shared with anyone.